I challenge you to this question..........Don't be chicken.........?

Answer apples with peanut butter mmmm very yummmmmmmy =.) i eat it constantly

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In Gainesville, the "Chicken Capital of the World," it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork. Is this true?

ive been to gainesville many times and i eat chicken with a fork and they dont say anything.

What is this We did the salt and ice challenge.?

that would be a scar from the chemical reactions of the two together, anybody with an average in science class could have told you this would happen my advice, don't do it again or you will get m... Read More »

Movies: Can you do this song/movie challenge?

I Want To Be Free - The Ohio Players…Well I hope this makes sense to you too. I'm taking a song about a relationship and using the theme of a man wanting t... Read More »

Dining with Dune and this Saturday Challenge is Drumsticks?

I live in southern Alabama. I'm going to tell you fried chicken all the way. I don't care how universal KFC has become, there's nothing like homemade. It feeds the soul.The simpler the recipe, t... Read More »