I caught my younger brother wearing my clothes what should I do for punishment?

Answer You should make him wear your clothes to school the next day and take his clothes and hide them. Tell him he will get it back when he agrees to no longer wear your clothes.I Caught my 16 y/o brothe... Read More »

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What is the punishment if you get caught using a counterfeit ticket on the Northern Rail?

They could have a lot of fun with this one - travelling without a ticket AND with intent to defraud, travelling with a counterfeit ticket, intent to defraud by use of the counterfeit ticket - that'... Read More »

What is the punishment of a security guard caught sleeping while on duty?

You would be intercepted by the ones managing the restricted airspace, telling you to land it, if not complied with, you would be escorted out. If still not complied with you will be warned that yo... Read More »

What is the proper punishment for my 17 year old who got caught drinking a beer this morning?

Sorry Smurfy. She's at that difficult age. Time to be there but start letting go. Her screw ups are her own now.

Does the older brother have a right to hit the younger brother?