I caught my younger brother wearing my clothes what should I do for punishment?

Answer You should make him wear your clothes to school the next day and take his clothes and hide them. Tell him he will get it back when he agrees to no longer wear your clothes.I Caught my 16 y/o brothe... Read More »

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What should do if you do get caught wearing your sisters clothing?

You may want to start by apologizing for getting into her things and not respecting her privacy. Beyond that, what you would do would depend on several factors. Are you a male or female? How is eve... Read More »

Sister caught wearing brothers jockstrap what should you do?

What should you do if you caught your 8 yr old son in the middle of town wearing one of his sister's blouses?

Answer Well first of all, you let your son run around town alone?! At eight years old? If you told him no, and went with him, that would solve the problem. And second of all where the heck would h... Read More »

Should i show my younger brother how to masturbate?

Yes because the sooner they know the better. Kids at school will talk about and if the boy doesn't know people will make fun of him