I caught my daughter with my "toy". should i buy her one or tell her to stop?

Answer I would get her one for herself. She obviously knows that you do it, and because of that, doesn't see anything wrong with it. Also, that's kinda gross to use other peoples "toys".

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When should a father stop bathing his daughter?

When she believes she can bathe herself without anyone's help. Maybe around 8.

Should you tell your mom that you caught your brother sniffing her underwear?

Well this is down to you and how you think your mom will take that kind of news. It may just have been a one of incident as small boys are very curious, especially when entering Puberty. As you men... Read More »

My daughter just got her period and she is only 10 years old what should I tell her about?

tell her the truth, the process, and emotions that go along with it...girls are growing up too soon both mentally and physically and it is up to the parents or guardians to guide them in the right ... Read More »

I feel bad for "touching" my daughter but I was only trying to help. Should I tell my wife Read?

I'm not sure why you feel bad. You did not touch her for your, or her, sexual pleasure. At worst, you inserted a tampon in a possibly clumsy way; at best, you showed her how to use them. There was ... Read More »