I can't watch youtube videos full screen?

Answer The solution to your problem could very well depend on which version of "flash" you have installed.While the video is in regular mode (not "full screen"), right-clickon the video itself. From the ... Read More »

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Why can't I view videos (Flash videos or YouTube) in full screen mode?

The solution to your problem might very well depend on what version of "Flash" you've got installed.Play a video in regular mode (not full-screen), then right-click on the actual video itself. From... Read More »

Keep YouTube videos full screen?

I do not think so. Full screen option is a feature which belongs to particular videos, not to the playlist. that's why you cannot keep it playing in full screen.

How to Watch iTunes Videos on a Second Monitor in Full Screen?

When you download a video to your computer from the iTunes Store, such as the latest episode in your favorite TV show or a new movie, you might want to watch it in full-screen mode on a second moni... Read More »

When i watch videos in full screen, no matter where they're from (even dvds), they have a green tint to them?

Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free, give it a try and you will like it. This is new and very good... Speak to Microsoft Certified Technicians Call 1-866-610-3132 Toll F... Read More »