I can't turn my knee?

Answer You should see a doctor for a knee examination. Until you see the doctor try RICE: Rest, Ice to your knee, Compression with an tensor bandage, and Elevation. Don't wait too long if you are in pain ... Read More »

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I cant get my safe to lock ! It appears to be locked until I turn the knob again and turn the handle and it co?

Did you have a BRain fart ? and lost it in the middle of the question ?

What causes pain in a Knee to be so bad you cant walk?

I think you need a Doctor's opinion ?Best Wishes.Mars Mission.

Twisted knee cant twist after months of injury?

Hello, I'm sorry about your knee. Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain. What other symptoms do you have if any? The the symptoms of a torn liga... Read More »

I have knee pain woke up and it is painful to extend the knee(only one knee) or bend it in a lot. what is up?

I would suspect you have a weak kidney. The knees can become weak due to this kidney issue. Being in sports and exerting yourself, especially hockey where you are in cold weather, you are not as ... Read More »