I cant trust my boyfriend?

Answer Confront him about this issue (I mean clearly it is one if your asking about it) but yea, ask him why he feels the need to lie about things. Wether it's about things big or small, lying is lying an... Read More »

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I cant trust local computer repair shops?

ok as for sockets and the systems that drive them the question may have more easy to reply if you had said if it was the drivers that had been lost or corrupted or if the system has suffered a majo... Read More »

How to Trust a Boyfriend Who Is Unfaithful?

So you've met this guy who seems amazing and you are dating. One problem: he's unfaithful. How do you accept him back, figure out why he acts like it, and cope with it in the future?

How to Trust Your Boyfriend?

Do you love him? Do you trust him?Trust is a key element in having a strong and lasting relationship with your boyfriend. Without trust, your relationship will slowly fall apart, as Frank Crane onc... Read More »

My boyfriend was trying to upload all my pics onto his laptop & now i cant see them on my camera.?

If you were using a specific uploading software (such as iPhoto), then many of them delete the files as they transfer them. This is one possible reason.Another possible reason is that because you f... Read More »