I can't tense my pecs when doing my chest workouts?

Answer Lol...pec dance? You're right though, there is a mind-muscle connection when lifting weights. However, voluntarily tensing the muscle is useless. Why? Well, if any tension should be created, it sho... Read More »

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How to Get Bigger Chest Muscles (Pecs)?

Want bigger pecs? Well here are some simple exercises that will help you get better pecs.

Chest feels heavy, unbearable pain on the left side of chest, is this a heart attack Help please!!!?

CHEST PAIN SHOULD ALWAYS BE EVALUATED BY AN ER. It may be too much caffeine today or too much stress, or wicked heartburn, but chest pain can be very serious and the headache could mean your blood ... Read More »

How to Get Pecs and Abs?

Getting a broad chest and six pack abs is something every guy wants to gain, simply because it makes ladies melt, and it can help you majorly in many, if not all, sporting activities. However it ta... Read More »

Ladies: Do prefer a guy with a hairy chest or a smooth chest?

when i was a teenager, the chest had to be smooth, but something changed when i reached my 20's. all the men i dated had hairy chests, now i love it. to me it seems more manly. its also nice to rub... Read More »