I can't tell the difference between my obsession Syd and her clone?

Answer WTF am I talking about?

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How can you tell the differences between iPhone and iPhone clone by looking at them?

Well,if you look at the back of the clone iphone,it will have some ridiculous name on the back like 'TVphone or Hiphone' and at the front,the fake iphone has smaller screen,and they are extremly la... Read More »

Tell me difference between AT VS ATX?

Aside from the obvious that AT is the older Tech, and ATX is the new.1. AT power supplies were generally rated for a much lower wattage.2. The power switch is wired directly into the power supply o... Read More »

How Do I Tell the Difference Between a PCI-E or AGP Card?

It's important to be able to tell the difference between PCI-E and AGP video cards, so you don't purchase the wrong type of card for your computer system. AGP was created in 1997 as an improvement ... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between Fingerprints?

A fingerprint provides crucial evidence during a prosecution, and is therefore an important aspect of criminology to understand. Everybody has different fingerprints, and an individual can be tied ... Read More »