I cant tell if im fat or thin please help! ?

Answer your fine. You are in your growning age if you starve yourself it won't be good.

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Can anyone please help me I cant find where I can watch days of our lives online please help if you can?

I found a site just a few hours ago.I noticed that they have an entire section for video so you might find what you're looking for there.I'm glad I joined. Great spoiler section!

Please can any one tell me why i get thin lines across ant thing i print off?

Check your ink level on your printer or replace a new printer head. If you have another printer print the same file and you will not see that problem or if you have another picture and print it and... Read More »

Am I too thin Help me please?

I know exactly how you feel, and it really annoys me because I go through the same thing.I'm around 5'7 1/2 and I weight around 111 pounds and I usually fit into a size 0 or 1. You don't know how m... Read More »

I cant poop help i need help please!!?

This is gross, but been there done that with myself and many patients.When you are trying to pass the stool and it won't come out, first take your fingers and gently massage the protruding anus. Y... Read More »