I cant swallow my pill,no one is answering and i really need help!?

Answer sorry I don't know the answer.but your screen name is funny as funny can be :)blah face, blah facebook Facebook face, lmfaofacebook is blocked hello

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Delete Messages on Answering Machine: XSA975 Uniden Cordless phone/Answering Machine.?

Play the message. While playing, press and hold the delete button. Don't release the button until it announce 'message erased'.

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Chewing gum and it lost its flavor? And you have no place to put it? Fear Not this article will tell you how to swallow gum.

What does your answering machine say?

Cell phone: I had two friends help me stage this. (Cell phone ring is birds chirping sound.)Friend 1: "What's that noise?"Friend 2: "Sounds like birds. Hey isn't that your cell phone?"Me: "It is ... Read More »

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