I can't study because of facebook?

Answer It's all about limits and goals. There is no such thing as "I can't stay off facebook". If no one is making you and it's all your own choice then you really have no excuse. If it's a test that you ... Read More »

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Where is my account on facebook on the samsung wave because you cant find it?

Android is very faster to search the information in Internet. Android is open platform and free

My lungs hurt to breathe, i cant sit up straight and i cant sleep at night because of it..whats wrong with me?

It could be a number of things. See your doctor and insist on a chest X-ray.

Why suddenly on facebook , i can see 'facebook user' and i cant answer to this person anymore ?

If it says you can no longer message them, then yes.

How to hide my facebook birthday so people cant see it on the calender at the top right of facebook?

change your birthday too another date then near that date change it again