I can't stop touching my front teeth?

Answer First of all, I have the same problem with things like that. I keep poking at them until something happens or to see how far I can go, even though I shouldn't because it'll make things worse anyway... Read More »

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What is the small piece of metal behind my front teeth called and how do I stop the lisp?

Those are bite turbos, and you just have to practice speaking as much as possible. Something I think works pretty well is when you're alone, read books aloud. That way you don't annoy other people ... Read More »

How to Tell a Boy to Stop Touching You?

Touching in a relationship is supposed to be enjoyable; kissing, holding hands, and having your arms over each other is all supposed to be a fun experience. However, there are many boys out there w... Read More »

How do you get a dead fox out of your front garden wthout touching it?

How to Stop Touching Acne?

one of the worst things that you can do for your skin and acne problems is to constantly pick, squeeze and touch your face, according to Mark Bowers, Ph.D., in his article on Not only do... Read More »