I can't stop this thing im doing?

Answer you can try to stop yourself every time you start doing that it might be some thing you thought your self when you were bored i used to have a problem when i would shake or tap my feet but i stoped

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I do this weird finger thing and cant stop HELLP!!?

I do the same thing, it's just that i HAVE to do it; it's nothing bad but it goes to pass over the years. It's OCDI remember when i was younger i used to double-take my head a certain amount of tim... Read More »


if they fired u they would have stopped ur login from working but company shouldn't be allowed to fire u without notice but that's another story

How are people doing with this Google chrome thing?

i have just downloaded it now i though it was crap in the first 5 secs then i went back and used it and its mint it so more simple go back and work with it

Will all Jonas Fans please stop doing this!?

It's too bad the other 99% of jonas fans aren't like you and those other 3 that asked this same question.