I can't sleep because my toes are to cold! help me!?

Answer my toes are cold too !! well im wearing socks and its not working at all. put your hands over your toes and curl them a couple should get the blood flowing through them and warm soun... Read More »

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What do you do if when your toes get cold at night?

How to Sleep With a Cold?

Sleeping when you have a cold can be quite a difficult thing to achieve, even though getting plenty of rest will make you feel better. There are some common reasons why sleeping may be difficult wh... Read More »

I have a bad cold and i cant sleep..HELP!!?

Take a hot bath, vicks and some hot tea, cold sprite, (no milk or dairy products it will make it worst) and maybe a cartoon show to make you not think about how sick you are. It also makes it worst... Read More »

Is it normal to not be able to sleep in a room that's too cold?

That's as normal as can be. My self I'd rather it be a bit cold in the room than too hot, provided I have adequate covers to bundle up in. But if you're having to sleep in your jackets, that is a... Read More »