I can't sleep. Anyone got any good natural methods to get to sleep?

Answer read some sort of boring book, do the alphabet backwards, glass of milk, listen to some really chilled music, try to relax/clear your mind, thinking too much, worry, anxiety might be the cause, i u... Read More »

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What is a good natural sleep aid i cant sleep and dont want to take any meds because of sideaffects.?

Anyone know any really good natural ways to get to sleep at night?

I plan the day and make a 'bed-time' for myself, about an hour before I know when I will actually go to sleep. Lying in bed gets me relaxed and then if I am not tired, I close my eyes anyway and lo... Read More »

I cant sleep!!!! Natural Remedy?

well no, you dont need remedies,,, to make you sleep you should not think about something cause your brain wont relax and you should be comfortable the way you are not too cold not too hot and this... Read More »

Is anyone still up because I cant sleep ?

hi here are some tips:go to bed at the same time everyday:take a warm bath just one or two hours before going to bed it will help you to relax.:read a book when you are in bed(you will be amazed ho... Read More »