I cant seem to get rid of bull nettle that got on me, any answers?

Answer pee on it....i know, it is freakin NASTY. but it is the only thing that works. my mom got it on her knee, and had to go to the hospital...i told her to pee on it before, but she wouldnt, so when sh... Read More »

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Herbicide for Bull Nettle?

Considered both a weed and a wildflower, bull nettle--also often called stinging nettle-- has been resistant to most types of pasture herbicides. But development of a new type of herbicide in 2006 ... Read More »

Difference sting nettle and nettle root?

The root is the one you need for prostate hypertrophy. The aerial parts have some action but not enough.

I heard red bull is made with real bull semen. Is that true ?

HAHA!!! We researched it a little further and it's secretion of the liver! It might not be semen but it's still gross!!

Would you eat Nettle Soup?

Ive had nettle wine, we had an old fella that lived by us who sold it to us as youngsters, and yes it did give us ring sting the next