I cant seem to get rid of bull nettle that got on me, any answers?

Answer pee on it....i know, it is freakin NASTY. but it is the only thing that works. my mom got it on her knee, and had to go to the hospital...i told her to pee on it before, but she wouldnt, so when sh... Read More »

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Has anyone out there got to level seven on yahoo answers i cant seem to get past level 2?

Yes, many people have...check the "leader board".

Herbicide for Bull Nettle?

Considered both a weed and a wildflower, bull nettle--also often called stinging nettle-- has been resistant to most types of pasture herbicides. But development of a new type of herbicide in 2006 ... Read More »

I cant seem to find a web site that will tell me what cartridge i should be using for my

Look at the manual you received.OrLook at the old cartridge and see if it has the number you need.orGot to printer settings and see if its in there.orgo to a shop that sells them and ask. All ink c... Read More »

I heard red bull is made with real bull semen. Is that true ?

HAHA!!! We researched it a little further and it's secretion of the liver! It might not be semen but it's still gross!!