I can't remember the screen unlock code for my iPhone 3GS How do I unlock it?

Answer Ofcourse you can use your phone without a sim card you absolute pillock.

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I can't remember my screen unlock code for my iPhone what do I do?

The easier way to do this is to restart your iphone but you will lose all your apps and other stuff. The phone will look just like the first time you bought it, there will be nothing on it. (but th... Read More »

How do you unlock screen lock on GW620 I can't remember the pattern?

Plug your phone into the computer, back up everything you have on there, and then restore it to its original state, where you can make a new pattern (4 digits codes are easier to remember)

How to Unlock A Blackberry Phone Using Unlock Code?

Blackberry phones purchased with a cellphone network contract commitment are locked with the respective network provider. These phones cannot be used with any other network unless they are unlocked... Read More »

Can Turbo Sim unlock iPhone 4 like factory unlock will the iPhone 4 get lock again when you reset it into the factory setting?