I can't remember my password on wifi can you help?

Answer Carol, I am sorry but because of ethical and moral standard I cannot help you access this WiFi network because of the risk that you might not be authorized to access it.If it's actually your Wi-Fi ... Read More »

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How can i reset my J7300 iPhone, my son has inserted a phone password which he cant remember....please help me?

Try holding down the home button while you boot it, might bring up a recovery menu where you can do a factory reset but it will wipe all data on the phone.

Can't remember wifi password?

Nope, just do a hard reset on the router and it will set it back to factory default. You would have to configure the settings back to how you had them.The back or side of your router may have a but... Read More »

Hi if i cant remember my security answers for making a new password what can I do?

Actually not much. If you don't have a back recovery set up with the email then you may be out of luck. Microsoft hotmail or outlook as it's called today will allow recovery if you give them enoug... Read More »

My son uses one yahoo sub act . he changed the password and now i cant check up on him.password help?

You could install a security program such as a keylogger, although at 14 am sure he could easily find out about it then you'd have to deal with more issues of invading his privacy.Although I'm not ... Read More »