I can't remember my password on wifi can you help?

Answer Carol, I am sorry but because of ethical and moral standard I cannot help you access this WiFi network because of the risk that you might not be authorized to access it.If it's actually your Wi-Fi ... Read More »

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Can't remember wifi password?

Nope, just do a hard reset on the router and it will set it back to factory default. You would have to configure the settings back to how you had them.The back or side of your router may have a but... Read More »

How to make Firefox force remember password after clicking never remember?

Look at "Passwords" at this link:…

How do I reset my computer password if I can't remember my password?

YEs 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will be be prompted with a boot optio... Read More »

How can I reset my password if I don't remember my password?

On some sites like Skype they will send an email to you so you can change it