I can't open files when I plug in my USB?

Answer Yes.  It's because it's a shortcut, which is a small file pointing to the actual location of the file.  You can't open the file unless you have access to the device the file is stored on.  It pr... Read More »

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I cant open the door cuz i slammed it to hard now i cant open it plz help me?

I don't know if it's an interior or exterior door. All I can tell you, is to shake the door really hard, while pulling on the doorknob. It may take a while, but you should be able to get it open. R... Read More »

Your family member when hes in the Hospital ward is able to sleep at night but in Fairfield Ca USA when he is at home he chokes throws up and cant breath with the window open is it Travis Base?

Reorganize & re-equip for fighting the global war on terrorism.1. Special warfare personnel2. Surgical strike & smart weapons & vehicles (UAVs)Less munitions expenditures on general purpose firing ... Read More »

When I plug in my Kodak SD card it won't open a drive or do anything?

Some older computers just won't deal with the larger SD cards, my old laptop won't. My solution was to buy a card reader (less than $10) and use it. It always works.

MS Word Files Won't Open When Double Clicked?

By default, a computer with Microsoft Word installed will open certain document types in Word when they're double-clicked. Those document types are "associated" with MS Word, and sometimes associat... Read More »