I can't open anything on my computer!!?

Answer You might have a virus on your computer and to check for this you should open Command Prompt (Click start => click Run => type in cmd). In Command Prompt type in "CHKDSK", This can take from an hou... Read More »

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I can't open my computer please help!?

Open it up and see if there's a fan obstruction or if one of the fan blades has been knocked off. An unbalanced CPU fan can vibrate the whole computer and make a ton of noise.

How to Open a Computer?

This tutorial shows how you can open a computer to do various things, such as(i) Clean the insides of the computer (ii) Just look inside (iii) Add new components

How to Open BIOS on a Computer?

The BIOS is a chip in your computer that instructs your system on how to boot and operate. The BIOS also helps to load your computer hardware so that it functions with your system correctly. You ac... Read More »

How to Open an iMac Computer?

If your iMac is no longer under warranty and you need to repair it, disassemble the case yourself instead of paying an Apple technician to do it. Before doing so, though, understand that unauthoriz... Read More »