I can't left click on my computer mouse, how do I fix this?

Answer try reinstalling the drivers for it. If its Plug n play, then check in your hardware stats to see if its detected and try to repair from there. if not, ur buttons probably just broken

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Rt click and Left click in my laptop is not working. Mouse pointer is working well. How to click?

1.check mouse setting in control panel2.check with alternative mouse

How do you, when I click once with my mouse, it will come on, I want to click twice, how do you do this.?

My computer mouse can only move up & down...cant move left to right please help!!!?

It sounds like your mouse is one that has a ball underneath...if you are using one with a ball in, take it out as there may be dust inside.Have a look there are two little rollers one controlles up... Read More »

Why is the default click on a mouse on the left side as opposed to the right?

Mouse software can be configured to permit you to click on either side.