I can't i chew most foods?

Answer Have you had a "Swallowing Assessment" done? I work where there are lots of people with problems eating and swallowing food. When we notice people having problems eating and swallowing, they just g... Read More »

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Foods you dont have to chew?

Mashed potatoes is probably the best one as far as flavor. Ramen is good, but break up the noodles. You don't need to blend chicken noodles soup, the noodles are soft enough to be swallowed...or ... Read More »

My filling in my tooth came out and i don't have insurance and i cant chew on that side and it constantly hurt?

Go to drugstores and find these 'temperary fillings' that you can buy. All u need is a small blob of it and put it on your teeth. They stay for about 2 months. They're call temperary for a reason, ... Read More »

Calling all vegetarians! What are all the not-so-obvious foods we cant eat?

I was going to mention wine and also fruit pastilles and stuff.If you go to the below website, it's a page on the Vegetarian Society website and it lists 'stumbling blocks' which is basically foods... Read More »

Why is my mouh can handle really foods that my hands cant even touch?

The saliva keeps it cool and also you breathing in and your hands may be more sensitive than your tongue