I can't hear out of my left ear!!?

Answer Look, NEVER use qtips in your ear. They can damage the tympanic membrane that is responsible for carrying sound waves into your middle ear. If the tympanic membrane is ruptured, you will never hear... Read More »

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I can hear the surround sound great but i cant hear the ?

Are you using a home theatre receiver with no center speaker? If so, go into the menu on the receiver and find speaker setup. Where it says center speaker change the setting to "none" or "phanto... Read More »

Ear popped and now i cant hear out of it?

it may be blocked with wax or something. i think you should check with a gp.

Yo my ear is bleeding and i cant hear out of it.?

VHS plays but cant hear anything?

I'm going to assume that you have tried another VHS and the MUTE/Volume settings.Problem still there?Red White Yellow Cables: Check to make sure your going from AUDIO OUT to AUDIO IN on the red & w... Read More »