I cant hear anything through headphones once i click on Presonus studio one ?

Answer Try AVS Video Editor - - like After Effects it is a compositor and is free trial.

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Presonus Fire Studio Project?

PreSonus, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, manufactures recording equipment for amateurs and professionals. The FireStudio Project is one of many recording interfaces developed by the company.

What happens when you hear a click by your jaw?

My jaw clicks too and when I went to see why, it it probably because of your jaws are rubbing on each others, producing a clicking, or cracking noise. And that is because your jaws are growing, or ... Read More »

What is the difference between drdre studio headphones and the solo headphones?

Studio goes over the ear and solo's are an on ear head phone. If I were you get the studio, they cost much more, cover the ear, but the solo headphones sound the same as skullcandy hesh, and cost 1... Read More »

Can you use headphones with a DVD player, but others can still hear the sound without headphones?

Most DVD players come with a digital output for surround sound, and a stereo output, usually for connecting to your TV.So, you can leave the DVD player connected to your surround sound system with ... Read More »