I can't hear any vocals on my earphones, help?

Answer That happens all the time with any headphones.You'll just have to get new ones.

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When I put on a song on my ipod i cant hear anything can u please help me!?

My dear have gone completely and utterly deaf.

Music can be heard but not vocals on my earphones?

Its probably a worn or badly made jackplug on the earphones, but it could be a faulty audio socket on the PC. Try other phones with the PC, and try the problem phones on a different music player, ... Read More »

I can only hear 1 side of the earphones the other side i keep moving the cable until i hear it.?

Sorry you'll have to buy new ones, the copper wires have broken, you'll need new ones.

I can hear the surround sound great but i cant hear the ?

Are you using a home theatre receiver with no center speaker? If so, go into the menu on the receiver and find speaker setup. Where it says center speaker change the setting to "none" or "phanto... Read More »