I can't handle life right now. What should I do?

Answer You have cared for her like no girl ever would do, as I can imagine compared to today's society.If this situation is similar it would be like in the 1800's where females committed everything for ot... Read More »

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I Cant Turn My Head To The Right, What Should I Do?

first, have you done anything to injure your neck? may need to go to a doctor and get an x-ray and maybe some muscle relaxers, but if you just slept wrong try a heating pad and some bengay.

My lower legs are having muscle pain. I cant even walk right now cuz it's so painful. What should i do?

have you been sitting in an awkward position? maybe its a good idea to sleep with a pillow between your legs, i was having lower leg pain in my legs until i tried sleeping with a pillow between my ... Read More »

I know this is gross, but I cant pass a hard stool . What should I do. It is almost ready to pass but cant!?

If you are to the point where you sit on the toilet and are straining hard and can feel the stool trying to come out then you are past the point of stool softeners and other things helping.What it ... Read More »

Why cant i handle drugs or alcohol that much while others can?

Maybe your guardian angel is screaming, PLEASE STOP DOING DRUGS! Nothing good comes from drugs, you get high, you forget, you regret, you get in trouble, you go to jail. Please stop.