I cant get on Youtube?

Answer same for me, do you have AOL UK? aparently its causing crap with youtube to happen because of some "technical difficulties."...need to go burn the AOL people.

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Why cant i get on youtube?

A few days ago the Pakistan government ordered all Pakistan ISPs to block YouTube for containing blasphemous content. To do this, one of the Pakistan ISPs published fake routing information to dire... Read More »

Why cant i watch ANY video on youtube?

ANY video? Or with a few exceptions?... Haha

I CANT watch Videos on YouTube?

Even if it is not your internet connection, it could be a server side issue with the internet. The easiest thing you can do is reboot, because this will often resolve a number of possible problems.... Read More »

Youtube cant play videos?

What internet browser are you using?Try google chrome or firefox. If you still have the issue.Have you updated to the latest version of flash player?There's many reasons why this could be happening.