I can't get on Subeta at all! Help!!?

Answer Don't be stupid. Keith is not in trouble. There was a hick up with the servers. They are trying to fix it. Use the ip address to access the site. A bunch of us are already on. Here is the lin... Read More »

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How to Make sP on Subeta?

Are you new to Subeta, or just a player who is down in the dumps? Maybe you always spend, never save, and find yourself selling items that you want to keep, but you can't afford not to? This is the... Read More »

How to Play Subeta?

Have you joined Subeta, but have NO idea what to do on it? Do you need tips on how to get sP? What is a human avatar? Hopefully, this guide will help you!

I cant open the door cuz i slammed it to hard now i cant open it plz help me?

I don't know if it's an interior or exterior door. All I can tell you, is to shake the door really hard, while pulling on the doorknob. It may take a while, but you should be able to get it open. R... Read More »

What does you cant help any one who doesnt help themselves mean?

It means no matter how hard you try if someone you are wanting to help doesn't care, it won't do any good. ex. You try and help your dad stop smoking but, he doesn't want to. You can't help them if... Read More »