I can't get my sound up since switching to converter box.?

Answer Some video outputs on a converter box have sound included and some don't. coax - video plus sound s-video - video only composite (yellow single plug) - video only component (red, green, blue pl... Read More »

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Why cant I get channels above 13 since I got my new digital convertor box?

I had the same problem. On one antennae I had to move it higher and aim it different. The reason is that the digital transmitter are not in the same location as the old stations. On my other TV I... Read More »

Would switching from standard RCA cables (Red, White) to a Coaxial cable improve my sound quality?

If you mean coax as in Digital audio, yes.Plus if you have a digital TV and you use the tuner, the only way to pass multi-channel audio to your receiver is through the digital audio output.

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Why cant i get sound coming through my speakers?