I cant get my safe to lock ! It appears to be locked until I turn the knob again and turn the handle and it co?

Answer Did you have a BRain fart ? and lost it in the middle of the question ?

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As i turn on my computer, nothing appears on my monitor...please help?

OH NOOO!No beep is NOT good!I suspect that your monitor is not the problem.I hate to tell you that your mother board or power supply may be gone! (PRAY to the computer gods that it is your power su... Read More »

When I turn my TV on the sound appears but no screen and then it turns itself off.?

Why wont the knob on your dishwasher turn?

A trained, qualified diswasher repair person should be able to get it working very soon

How to Turn Off a Locked Function Key?

The "Function" key on your computer allows you to use certain secondary functions on some of your keyboard's keys. For example, you may need to press the "Function" key along with one of the "F" ro... Read More »