I can't get my ring off!!!?

Answer Loose some weight!j/kTry a moisturizer or body oil

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How do i remove my ring from my finger cant get it off thanks?

do not run it under cold water. Run it under hot water (not scalding mind you) The ring's diameter will expand and give you that extra wiggle room you need. if that doesn't work, try that and a com... Read More »

Why cant I use the built-in flash on my D3100 with a reversing ring attached?

Does anyone know what the name on the ring tone that the adults cant hears is?

What do u do when u cant sleep and u cant fall asleep but are tired ?

go to the drugstore and buy some melatonin...its all natural, it won't make you feel groggy...its the same thing your brain produces to help you fall asleep and some people's brain has a shortage o... Read More »