I cant get my printer to print anything..?

Answer Here are some things you should try:Restart the computer 1. Restart the computer. 2. After the computer has started, double-click the Printer icon ( ) in the System Tray. The print qu... Read More »

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I cant get my printer to work it will copy and scan but not print?

get the cd that came withe the printre and put it in install every they wanted restart thats it

Printer says i cant print because no fax number provided?

Fax is set probably as default printer. You have to change that to your actual printer. If it's a multi-function printer, it should have a drop down selection when you click print. If not, you may ... Read More »

My printer won't print anything from a webpage?

It's difficult to give a real answer at this point, but I would start like this:1) Go to a Web page you want to print2) Then, in your browser, go to Print Preview.3) If Print Preview shows you an i... Read More »

Is there any way that i cant print a black and white page on an epsom printer?

I dont think you will be able to (despite other people's suggestions)Just buy only black cartridges next time (much cheaper and last longer if you print mainly text). Use ebay.. very cheap.