I cant get my monitor to work?

Answer Reboot into safemode and then check your video settings

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Can you wire up a tv to work as a monitor, monitor died?

It may be possible if your graphics card has an svideo ouput, small round connector with either 4 or 7 pins, usually coloured yellow. All you would need then is a svideo to probably scart to link t... Read More »

Does a PC monitor work the same as LCD tv?

Computer LCD displays operate in a very similar way to LCD televisions. The input signals are normally different to those available on a television but otherwise, the technologies used are the same... Read More »

Will my ps3 work on a pc monitor?

If you want to use the Playstation 3 with a computer monitor, the monitor needs to be HDCP-compliant, preferably with an HDMI input.The LG W2486L monitor you are thinking of getting is HDCP-complia... Read More »

Does Windows 7 work on any monitor?

As long as both moniter and computer have VGA (they will, trust me) it will work fine. You may have to manually set resolution, but that is easy to do through control panel.