I can't get my keyboard to work?

Answer Happened to me couple of times on a laptop. You have 2 options:1. Take it in for repair, and they'll drop in a new keyboard (if you have a laptop) or,2. buy a USB keyboard and just plug it in.

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My keyboard won't work on my desktop, even other keyboards won't work at all, what's the deal?

Two things.1) The USB socket could be broken - use a different socket.2) Has to start from a cold boot. Fully shut down to recognize a keyboard at start-up. Many desktops are not "hot pluggable" fo... Read More »

I cant find work, I'm so fed up!?

I'm in the same boat. What I'm going to do now is go to a recruitment agency, I'm not sure what they're called in your country. I figure maybe theres something I'm doing wrong which they may help w... Read More »

I cant get my monitor to work?

Reboot into safemode and then check your video settings

Computer cant work with 8GB RAM?

it is because you have a 32 bit version of windows, to be able to use more than 2.92 gig you need to install a 64 bit version of windows. 32 bit windows has a limit to the ammount of ram it can use... Read More »