I can't get my computer to recognize my Sansa mp3 player. Help?

Answer I think I may have the solution. First start off by going to right clicking on My Computer and selecting properties. Then go to Hardware and select Device manager. Look for your device in Device ma... Read More »

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My Computer Won't Recognize Sansa?

Sansa MP3 players are a variety of portable music devices manufactured by SanDisk Corp. They provide an efficient way of music transfer and storage through the use of your computer's USB port. Howe... Read More »

My Sansa e260 Won't Recognize the SD Card?

If your Sandisk Sansa e260 MP3 player won't recognize your Secure Digital (SD) card, there are many possible reasons that your card isn't being read. Unless you dropped your e260 in a lake, odds a... Read More »

Does a Sandisk Sansa m240 1GB MP3 player use Windows Media Player?

The Sandisk Sansa m240 1GB MP3 player does use Windows Media Player. The specific versions of Windows Media Player that it is compatible with are either WMP version 9 or version 10 in the XP operat... Read More »

How to Put Songs on My Sansa MP3 Player Using Windows Media Player?

There are a variety of different Sansa MP3 players on the market. Each of these MP3 players allow you to listen to audio files while you are on the go. Sansa MP3 players will also sync with Windows... Read More »