I can't get into my excel spreadsheet it just shows a blank page & then when I click weird stuff?

Answer If this is a previously saved Excel Workbook file, then it may have been corrupted in some way.And when you say "then when I click weird stuff", does that mean that no matter where you click weird ... Read More »

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In excel, is there a simple way to print every workbook in a spreadsheet, rather than having to click on each?

Just like in all Microsoft Office applications, there are multiple ways to do just about everything. • You can select all worksheets before clicking the Print function. Just select the first w... Read More »

How to Find All the Rows With Blank Cells in a Huge Excel Spreadsheet?

Microsoft Excel provides tools for locating, manipulating and analyzing data in a spreadsheet. If you have a spreadsheet that is scattered with blank cells, you can use one of Excel's built-in tool... Read More »

How Can I Get Rid of the 2nd Blank Page in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, one or more blank pages may print when you print the document. This occurs for several reasons. Data cells that contain information but appear blank may be a cause. A cell th... Read More »

How do I convert an Excel spreadsheet into a fillable web page?

Open Excel SpreadsheetOpen the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you would like to convert. Go to the File menu, and choose "Save as Web Page." Click "Publish." Click what you want to publish under "Item... Read More »