I cant get any information about this type of wine, someone help.?

Answer LoL, this old gem of a question. You want to find a wine appraiser and pay him/her to evaluate the wine for you.

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Is there a type of red wine without alcohol?

Information for a Canon Video Camera it's an RC 570 what type of batteries and what type of video cassette disk it uses and what manual do I ask for?

Canon T1i Camera's Shipping Weight is Seven pound.Canon T1

What type of wine goes well with road kill?

Moon shine is the bestAlabama preferablyHow do you know if it is good and pure....if it burns a cool blue flameThat will put the hair on your chest

Why are there different type glasses for wine and champagne?

The purpose of the champagne flute (apparently) is to keep the bubbles in the glass longer and they are designed in such a way to allow this, while a wine class has a wide opening to allow aroma mo... Read More »