I can't fit my little finger in my ear?

Answer okeedokee

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HELP , WHY cant i stick a finger in?

Do you menstruate? If so, then you have a hole. If you're talking about your anus, do you ****?

How do i remove my ring from my finger cant get it off thanks?

do not run it under cold water. Run it under hot water (not scalding mind you) The ring's diameter will expand and give you that extra wiggle room you need. if that doesn't work, try that and a com... Read More »

I had surgery on my finger why cant i move it one month later?

I do this weird finger thing and cant stop HELLP!!?

I do the same thing, it's just that i HAVE to do it; it's nothing bad but it goes to pass over the years. It's OCDI remember when i was younger i used to double-take my head a certain amount of tim... Read More »