I cant fit a tampon all the way up my vagina?

Answer Are you putting it in at the right angle? It can be tricky to get it just right to the point where it goes in smoothly. Just keep pushing on it gently and relax.Are you using the kind without an ap... Read More »

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Left tampon in for ages now vagina is irritating but no other symptoms?

The vagina is naturally a moist environment. The tampon that you left in too long absorbed all the moisture. The vagina will correct this on its own,just give it some time. Any signs of fever an... Read More »

I had sex with my tampon in and now i cant get it out...?

The guy didn't notice this? He must be kind of small. That is disgusting.

(Girls Only!!) I cant insert a tampon!Help!?

Some of the answers on this site make me nervous.It is highly unlikely that it's your hymen. Please don't listen to dads on this subject!First off, don't worry. We ALL had this problem, and none of... Read More »

I cant find my vagina!!!!!! im 13 too! is there something wrong with me?

Your vagina is between your labia which are like small lips up high between your legs. It is right behind the place where urine exits. Watch your urine stream and put your clean finger right behi... Read More »