I cant find work, I'm so fed up!?

Answer I'm in the same boat. What I'm going to do now is go to a recruitment agency, I'm not sure what they're called in your country. I figure maybe theres something I'm doing wrong which they may help w... Read More »

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My nethew is only 13 and wants to get a job but he cant find any jobs that will let him work?

How about offering his services to the mowing lawns, planting flowers, cleaning debris from yards, walking dogs, or just doing small things like that. Many elderly people can't do ... Read More »

Why wont my scanner work with vista dont have adisk cant find driver?

You will need the driver for your scanner from the manufacturers website.Download the vista driver (if there is one) if not, try the XP driver.…Install th... Read More »

I scanned a picture, but i cant find it in my comp., does anyone know how to find it?

Search for it or goto scan it again and see wich file it saves into. It should prompt you on where you want to save it. If you are using a specific software try that softwares folder. Usually can b... Read More »

I cant get my monitor to work?

Reboot into safemode and then check your video settings