I can't find the Enable Bidirectional Communication setting?

Answer Open your Printers and Faxes folder (Control Panel). Right-click your printer and select Properties. Select the Ports tab and the port to which your printer is connected. Check the Enable bi-direct... Read More »

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Enable Bidirectional Support setting isn't working?

Check with the support site for the printer...

Why would the Enable Data setting keep going off android?

Mine kills off wifi and data when the battery gets down to 20%. They don't come back automatically

How to Enable a Setting in Internet Options for the Home & History Pages?

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser to surf the web, you can customize your browser settings in various ways. Two of the settings you might want to customize are your ho... Read More »

Nikon DSLR action shooting: doesn't M setting shut out all automation & enable quickest moving subj capture?

Sorry to break it to you, but your camera can calculate and adjust for light a lot faster than you can. No one will use M to grab action shots because one can't dial in the appropriate settings in ... Read More »