I cant figure out this installation process of a graphics card?


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Can't figure out what graphics card to use?

You pretty much need a GTX 680 or HD 7970 to run Crysis 3 on Very High settings. Multiple monitors is going to need Crossfire/SLI for sure though. A single GTX 680 only manages around 30 FPS on Ver... Read More »

How do I figure out whether my graphics card is part of the motherboard and without taking apart the computer?

In order to upgrade your graphics card you need to know a few things. First, does your computer have a slot for it, and second, what kind of slot does it have? AGP 4x/8x or PCIexpress are the newes... Read More »

If a 1.5 GB Graphics card performs identically to a 3GB Graphics card, why is the 3GB $200 more expensive?

For the same reason that HP charges $120.00 for 8g of ram when configuring a computer on their website. - (Newegg price for 8g - approx $40.00) - If they charge it, sheeple will pay...

Can a Intel HD 3000 graphics card play a game like skyrim with well graphics?

Short answer: no. Long answer: it may be playable with lower detail settings at a less than optimal resolution. It may work, but it sure won't be enjoyable.