I can't eject my USB device what's the reason?

Answer Yes, it's common problem with this storage device.Actually it's data copying / writing speed is too slow.So, when you copy anything on it, and your copy process finishes up, then also it keeps on s... Read More »

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When your DVD player freezes up and wont eject the DVD...what is reason and how can get DVD back out?

Is this a standalone DVD player connected to your television, or a DVD player in a computer? If it is a standalone player, unplug the power, plug it back in, and try ejecting.If it is a computer DV... Read More »

Whats the reason behind alcoholism?

Whats a good reason to keep the driving age at 16?

I can't think of a reason to keep it at 16, but I can't think of a valid reason to raise it either. I feel that the requirements to obtain a driver's license need to be amended so that students see... Read More »

Whats the real reason in this breastfeeding pic trend?

1. I am conservative. What's your point?2. If something turns others on, it's not my concern. If someone has a foot fetish, I'm not gonna stop wearing sandals! ;)3. I had no points to prove, ... Read More »