I can't eat, drink, or sleep?

Answer Love is when you think you can step in front of an oncoming bus and survive.

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What can I make to eat or drink to help me sleep?

Drink a bunch of Nyquil, Will knock you right out!

Can you drink alcohol with sleep apnea?

On One Hand: Worsening Symptoms due to AlcoholDrinking alcohol has the effect of worsening sleep apnea in people who have the condition. This is due to the fact that alcohol relaxes the muscles in ... Read More »

When you drink nyquil 2 tbsp how long does it take to put you to sleep?

Onset of action should be approx 15-30mins due to the antihistamine activity.

Neuro sleep drink makes me sick?

dizzy is expected for thats A LOT of malatonine even for an adult....the sickness is probably just an alergic reaction... so just let it go.. go to sleep... you will be fine