I can't clear my print cue, its been deleting a print job for 8 hours?

Answer Might work. click start/run. type in services.msc. Scroll down to Print Spooler and right click on it. Choose stop. Then delete the jobs if they ain't gone, then go back and start the print sp... Read More »

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My printer just printed the test page. I have been trying to print other documents and it will not print!?

If you have a printer that is 10 years old or older and you have Windows 8 that will be the problem. Windows 8 can have a problem printing with older printers.

Could you please tell me. when i print form a web page it is in small print. how can i enlarge the print.?

On Internet explorer You can enlarge/reduce the text on the web page you want to print by pressing CTRL and and moving your wheel mouse up or down. Another option to change your text size is to cl... Read More »

How can I delete a document from a print queue that says it's deleting but won't go!!!?

StartSettingsPrinters and faxesLeft click the printer icon. Click the word printerClick cancel all documents. •Go to Start / Run and type in "services.msc" without quotation marks, then press Ent... Read More »

Why cant i print out envelopes?

There could be a number of reasons, here's a few troubleshooting tips that might narrow it down,1- Unplug the printer for 10 minutes to reset the system2- Highlight the address you want to print, p... Read More »