I cant choose between getting a MAC or a PC. What do you think is better?

Answer pc of course.

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Choose what laptop I should think about getting?

I think a MacBook Pro is probably the best.

I think I have pulled a muscle in my leg and it isn't getting better any help?

Its obvious you have done some kind of damage and need to find out what. If you continue to do exercise you will only make it worse and that includes your climbing trip. Go to your GP and find out ... Read More »

Who do you think is the better actor between Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise?

Oh how easily we have forgotten:Top Gun, Cocktail, Rain Man, Risky Business, Days of Thunder, Magnolia, A Few Good Men, etc.I love Depp, he's an all-time great. In fact, Jack Sparrow is one of the ... Read More »

What do you do if your brother ask you to choose between him and your boyfriend and you love them both equally and cant live without them while both are nice and love you dearly?

Smack your brother in the face for asking such a stupid question