I can't change any options in disk utility?

Answer what kind of disk? floppy disk? hard disk? compact disk (sic)?which disk utility? fdisk? diskmgmt.msc? a third-party program?are you running in DOS, or in command prompt in Windows, or just in Wind... Read More »

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What is check disk utility?

The check disk utility is a tool included in Microsoft's Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP and Vista, that can scan for and correct hard drive errors; check disk is longhand for "chkdsk... Read More »

Where is Vista disk cleanup utility?

Disk Cleanup in the Vista operating system can be found by clicking the Start menu, then click All Programs, then click the Accessories folder, then click the System Tools folder, then click Disk C... Read More »

When do you change a dynamic disk back to a basic disk?

For the average computer user there is no reason to downgrade from a dynamic disk to a basic disk setup. The main reason to change would be to install an older operating system that cannot support... Read More »

Windows xp cant find hard disk?

Unplug it, open the case and make sure all the cables are seated properly. Both the hard drive and the optical drive use a data connection and a power connection - which may or may not be the same... Read More »