I can't cancel printing on a document that I sent to Print?


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How can i cancel/ delete print command before printing?

Go to the Start > Settings > Printers, and select the printer you sent the print job to.The printer's print queue window will open up and list the print jobs.You can cancel individual print jobs fr... Read More »

I cant print and adobe reader document?

Hi,What sort of problem are you having?Is there an error message?Is the printer working with other documents?Arnak

How do I reduce the print size of a document when printing from Word?

Open Word, pull down the "File" menu and select "Open." Browse to the Word document whose print size you want to reduce. Double-click the file name and the document opens in the Word workspace.Pull... Read More »

On a mac, is there a print function that lets you print a single image on multiple pages for tile printing?

Print a poster in you printers preference menu. Usually under the page layout tab.As you did not state what printer you have I can't be more specif.Usually you select page layout or page set up as ... Read More »