I can't bring a child into a world that doesn't have michael jackson?

Answer If he supports you, you both need counselling.

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Is it fair to bring a baby into the world, knowing you cant give them the best life?

I've been in your place once before.and it's going to hurt for a long time.But time helps,not heals.I also wish I had made a different decision.But to answer your question,if it was'nt meant to be ... Read More »

Michael Jackson Fans: I have a serious question to ask about Michael Jackson...?

he's an accused child molester who nicknamed his son Blanket!!!do u not see something wrong there?

Michael Jackson Fans! How long have you been a Michael Jackson Fan?

1992 around dangerous era and his sexy body

Sup, Michael Jackson Fans! I'd Like To Know The REASON You Don't Beleive That Child Molestation Crap?

well im 11 years old i have been a fan since june 2009 and i have been defending him i do not belive michael has ever laid a hand on a kid he could not have done it i even have evidence ok first of... Read More »