I can't afford College!!?

Answer Listen, I'm on the fence about this. I consider myself a seasoned veteran when it comes to this kind of stuff. When I first entered college, I too ended up taking out over seventeen thousand dollar... Read More »

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My Girlfriend is studying to be a vet nurse but we cant afford the books !?

Look for used books, they are much cheaper. GOOD LUCK!!!

Cant afford to go to the Dr... Having some pains, but not necessarily an emergency... Can I go to the ER?

This is not a medical emergency and does not merit a visit to an emergency room. ERs cost a frickin' fortune to visit and really need to be reserved for conditions that are very urgent. This is not... Read More »

Braces really bad and you cant afford them what can you do you need help?

I have seen this many times before even though I am only 15. Don't worry, there are ways of getting braces even thought you may not have the necessary funds to pay for them. Here's what you do: if ... Read More »

Whats the easyest way to strip wallpaper by hand cant afford a steamer?