I can't afford College!!?

Answer Listen, I'm on the fence about this. I consider myself a seasoned veteran when it comes to this kind of stuff. When I first entered college, I too ended up taking out over seventeen thousand dollar... Read More »

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If you could afford a sensible car what would it be?

I think my car is sensible - a 2010 Hyundai i30 1.6CRDi

What would your next tat be,if you coul afford to have it done..?

a portrait of my dog wh ojust died at 17 yes old that i grew up with, with the words unconditional love underneath. not just to represent him, but also all dogs and the fact that they're the only o... Read More »

How can you get your parents to get you something you really want but you cant afford it and they can?

!.ask2. note their reasons for why they cant buy it for you3. go to your room and think of counter-reasons. 4. present your counter-reasons to them.5. repeat if necessary. 6. if you are stumped and... Read More »

I don't think I'm going to be able to afford university?

Seriously, don't bother with University in the UK, do you know what you would want to study?If you think you can hack it in Inner Europe where it is far cheaper or free. Some of the degrees are eve... Read More »